In fall of 2013, a Facebook post circulated among local rescue groups. A dog at the local Animal Control was in desperate need of help. Video showed her shaking and petrified in her kennel, so afraid she wouldn't lift her head without assistance. Pleas for help went out from Facebook friends and networkers. We were contacted and after one look at her video we knew we were all in.

Mia's situation is one heard by rescues around the country. Dumped on a doorstep, she and her brother were abandoned with a note that read, "your problem now". Unable to keep two stray dogs, the home- owner surrendered both to Animal Control and the dogs were separated.

Due to Mia's fearfulness, rescue groups and local shelters declined to take her. She had shut down both mentally and physically. She was unable to walk, could not make eye contact, would lose control over her bowels, had stopped eating and was stiff with fear, pan caked to the ground. During her entire stay at Animal Control she was unable to walk on her own.

We took Mia in and the work began immediately. She was spayed, updated on shots, and given ample time to recover. Still unable to walk due to fear, we carried her to quiet grassy areas and let her relax in the shade. We took her on car rides allowing her to see the world from a safe place. And of course, we continued to spend time with her in her room helping her find comfort in her own space.

Mia began to walk. Slowly but surely, we saw bits and pieces of personality emerge. Soon, Mia was going for strolls with other dogs and was improving each and every day. With a little trust, patience and time Mia began to shine!

The Catahoula Leopard Dog is a working breed. Based on breed characteristics and Mia's age, we wanted to put her in an environment that would allow her instinct to "work" come through. The hope was to loosen her up and allow that "natural" inner canine happiness to come into full view. It worked!


We set Mia up with a calm energy human, one that had a job for her to do. Mia's new owner manages an equestrian facility caring for horses all day, every day. Mai would be her assistant. With purpose and a job Mia began to do more than come out of her shell. She was thriving! Mia can now be found on the ranch running alongside her mom and the tractor. She helps feed, water and clean and even attends horse shows. What's most amazing is that Mia does all of this off- leash. On the farm, Mia has a new BFF, another working dog that resides there. When "off the job" the two kiddos can be found spinning circles around each other, wrestling and racing around the arena. Mia, WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU! What a transformation! We just knew you had it in you!

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